Large Penis

Large Penis Size
I'm told by lots of people that I'm hung like a horse. Now, while the guys get on their knees and bow chanting "I'm not worthy" when they see it, the women cringe and ask my partner how she can take it. Well, she's complained numerous times that she has this burning feeling after sex with me and that it's because I'm too big. Is this the real reason? Or is it something else?


Women will have different size vaginal canals much like men have different size penises. However, with sufficient lubrication and foreplay the vagina should be able to handle most sizes. There are some women however that this might not work for, and your girlfriend could be one of them.

I don't think that the burning sensation after sex is anything to worry about, however your girlfriend could visit her family doctor just to ensure that there are no other problems that could be caused by your penis size.






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