Jealous Boyfriend

Jealous Boyfriend

I live with my boyfriend. He is very jealous. We work together that has a ratio of 20 men and 1 woman. How do I deal with his constant jibes about other boyfriends and buddies. I have constantly re-assured him that he is the one I love and want to be with yet this continues on a daily basis. I find myself not talking to anyone during the shift and have become almost reclusive. I find it very demeaning to me and yet when I try to talk to him about it, he twists the stories around to blame me, and somehow every argument is my fault. Any suggestions short of leaving him would be appreciated.


You need to find out what is driving your boyfriends jealousy. Is he really that insecure that you talking to another male is threatening to him. Or is he merely a control freak and wants to control every aspect of your life?

My best recommendation at this point would be to see if your boyfriend is willing to go to therapy with you to try and resolve the problem. I definitely think you need a neutral party to facilitate the conversation regarding why your boyfriend is so jealous. If he's not willing to agree to this then I think you'd be better off to move on. It's not going to fix itself.





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