Oral Sex

Oral Sex doesn't get me off.
When my partner eats me I get so close but then it dies. It feels good but he doesn't seem to get me off. What can I do, he loves eating but is tired of me not getting off.


I guess what I'd like to ask you first is what exactly happens when it dies. Is it always at the same point, does your boyfriend do something different at that particular point every time? It can be very frustrating to get so close but then not be able to have that orgasm.
Are you able to attain orgasm through masturbation? I'd say if you're able to do that, then perhaps there are other dynamics at work in your relationship with your boyfriend that might be interfering with your ability to orgasm.
You can try different techniques to see if any of them work any better for you than others. If nothing else you can look at masturbating yourself while your boyfriend pumps his fingers in and out of your pussy. There are many different kinds of stimulation that will produce awesome sensations.
I can understand your boyfriend becoming frustrated. However the bottom line is if it feels good for you and you enjoy it, who cares if you get off or not at that particular time. Look at exploring other ways to get off. The more you concentrate on one that isn't working for you the more it will affect your sex life overall. You need to relax and not worry about it so much.






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