Cum on Her Face

Cum on her face. 
(this is just an excerpt from an email I received)

I think in the last 8 months I have never again cum inside her we have sex and she always, just at the end, asks me to take it out and cum on her and, to my delight, she not only lets me cover her face, but she also looks me in the eye, sticks out her tongue and she tries to eat every drop i specially go wild watching her slurp up what left drooping from her lips now... my question do you think she is just teasing me or is it possible she may actually be enjoying all this?

Ok, forgive me if I sound a wee bit sarcastic here. You're worried about what??? I would say that if she's letting you cum on her face that she enjoys it. I personally can't imagine doing that if I didn't like it just to please someone!   

As strange as it may seem, there are women who enjoy this type of activity in a big way and are far kinkier than you can ever imagine. Relax and go with the flow! Just enjoy it and quit worrying about why she allows you to do it.  

If you are really curious then initiate a conversation about it. Who knows, you may find other new things to try together as well. 







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