No Orgasm

No Orgasm

I have never had an orgasm. All my friends tell me how great it is, and so have all the guys I have been with, but I just can't seem to. My fiancé now has tried everything to help, but with no success. What can I do? 

You don't mention in your letter whether or not you have tried masturbation to see if you can reach orgasm that way. I would recommend that you get a good book or video that really makes you hot and horny and masturbate.  

While you are masturbating, try to relax and just go with the flow. Let your body do what it's going to do. Some women take longer to stimulate to orgasm than others so make sure you have lots of time and lots of privacy.  

Experiment with different types of movements on your clitoris to see what works best for you. You can try some of the masturbation techniques found on this site.  

With time and practice you should be able to achieve orgasm. Once you can do that then you can show your partner or tell them what works for you and you can try it together. 

Good Luck!  







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