Rough Sex

Rough Sex

Sometime a woman doesn't want soft sensual sex. There are times when she wants to be man handled. How do I get my partner to be a little rougher? 

First off you need to talk to your partner and communicate this information to him. He may be surprised to hear it or he may have had inklings already that this is something you want to explore.  

Opening the dialogue can be the hardest part but once you've done that you're free to make suggestions on just what you'd like your partner to do with you. Lot's of times there are ideas there but one is afraid to try them because they fear their own or their partner's reaction. 

Set some boundaries for what will or won't happen within this type of a session and make sure that you are both comfortable with it.  

Give it a try and see how it works. From there you can adjust as necessary remembering to communicate how you felt to your partner.   

Many a great sex session has started with a nice friendly wrestling match! Although I tend to prolong this part because I hate to have to give in! 







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