Pussy Farts

Pussy Farts or Cuifs (pronounced queefs)

Sometimes, after we're finished making love, when I get off, or when he pulls out, there is sometimes a very loud (almost like passing-gas!) sound that occurs. It's SO mega embarrassing!!! I'm a very feminine girl, and I'm really shy - it torments me! Please tell me what I can do to stop this from happening. Thanks!

While I don't really know that anything can be done to prevent cuifs  let me assure you that they are perfectly normal. 

They can be a little disturbing the first time you experience one and they can definitely shock your partner if they've never experienced one before.  

To call cuifs pussy farts is a little erroneous. Farts are made of many complex gases including methane. Cuifs are nothing more than air. Although you may experience a bit of moisture along with the cuif if your partner is well lubricated. 

What happens is that the air gets trapped inside the vaginal canal during manual stimulation (usually the fingers) or during some intercourse positions. After a time the air has to go somewhere hence the "farting sound" when you get off or your partner withdraws.  

An understanding partner isn't going to have a problem with cuifs after getting over the initial shock. It's nothing to be embarrassed about. However if you really want to avoid them, start noting which positions are the ones when this regularly occurs and avoid them. I can't say I'd favor this because it would really mess with my sexual enjoyment. 







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