Female Participation in Intercourse

Female Participation in Intercourse

I am 27 and although not a virgin I am near enough clueless about what I am supposed to do during intercourse. When my partner enters me I'm not sure what part I am meant to play, surely there's more to it than lying like a sack of potatoes!!!
Hope you have some words of wisdom

I must agree that lying there like a sack of potatoes wouldn't be all that stimulating to your partner. You don't mention what positions you've tried for intercourse. I'm going to presume that you mean the missionary style for the sake of this column.  

When your partner penetrates you push your hips up to meet him halfway as he thrusts. This can add a lot to the depth of penetration. 

Run  your hands over your partners back as you are having intercourse, lightly scratching his skin with your nails. If you're inclined you can also whisper nasty things in his ear. 

Do what comes naturally to you and I'm sure you'll be fine!







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