Anal Sex & Straight Men

Anal Sex & Straight Men

Am I an oddity for being a straight male who enjoys anal penetration? Does this mean I have gay tendencies? How do I ask my partner for anal penetration? 

I get asked this question quite a lot it seems. If you are a straight male who happens to enjoy anal stimulation it certainly  doesn't mean you are gay.  

I have received a great deal of mail from men who happen to really enjoy this type of stimulation either from their partners or while masturbating. Some men find it very enjoyable while others will not even be willing to try it. 

If this is something that you'd like to explore with your partner then you need to communicate that desire to them. If you are concerned about your partners reaction,  perhaps bringing the subject of anal intercourse up in general will open the lines of conversation and then you can work toward explaining what exactly you'd like your partner to do. 

I'm of the mind that if it feels good and both participants are comfortable with it then do it. Just practice safe sex!  







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