Orgasmn & Intercourse

Orgasm & Intercourse
How do I know if I am really reaching orgasm? Do women ejaculate during intercourse? And is it normal to feel good during intercourse and not reach orgasm?

This is a multipart question so we'll answer each portion of it in turn.  

In most cases when a woman reaches orgasm she will feel some vaginal contractions. There can be one or two or several depending on the woman. The contractions are usually accompanied by a sense of release and a relaxation of the body. 

It is possible for a women to ejaculate during intercourse if the the position is one that allows stimulation of the g-spot.  However for many women this is not the norm due to the amount of stimulation usually required to trigger a g-spot ejaculation. 

It's entirely possible to feel great and not achieve orgasm. I find that there are times when I just can't get there and it's not a big deal for me. Everything still feels really great without the orgasm. Believe it or not there are times when orgasm isn't what I'm after when having intercourse.







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