To Swallow or Not

To Swallow or Not.

I have a question, my boy friend asks me every time to swallow his load. I can't bring myself to do it, it just seems gross to have the cum go on my face or much less down my throat!

It's a matter of choice whether you want to swallow or not when your partner ejaculates. I know that men seem to love it when you swallow! I think part of this is related to the fact that the head of the penis is very sensitive after ejaculation and if it's in your mouth and you're still sucking it can really make their toes curl! 

I've had an email from a reader who would like to suggest the psychological effect swallowing or not may have on your partner. The reader suggests that what men would really enjoy is the feeling that their cum is not a disgusting part of the blowjob and is actually liked and welcomed.

The reader goes on to point out how would women feel if a man got up after performing oral sex on them and gagged and ran to the bathroom to wipe your "disgusting juices" off his face? Kind of puts things in a different perspective doesn't it? 

One thing that works for me is to have my partner's cock well into my mouth when he cums. Then the ejaculate will hit the back of my throat making swallowing fairly easy and not much taste at all.  

It does require communication so you're not caught off guard when he does cum. I've had this happen once and ended up sounding like I had a hairball stuck in my throat and dissolving into a fit of giggles. This didn't have too much of an adverse effect in this instance because I have been with my partner for a very long time. But imagine the reaction if it was a new lover! 







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