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You know there are a lot of women out there who give the rest of us a bad name! For the amount of times women have bitched about being stereotyped you would think that weíd all be a little more careful to make sure that we donít make sweeping stereotypes about other people. 

Unfortunately this is definitely not the case. A case in point Ė there seems to be at least some women who feel that if a male poses for pictures in a particular manner, has numerous body piercings, enjoys anal play or god forbid likes to have his nipples played with that he must be ďgayĒ. 

The sad thing about all of this is that these women who are making these stereotypical statements are ones who are making sites that are supposedly geared for the rest of us women. So they say anyways. Who are they to decide what ďIĒ do or do not like to look at when Iím looking at pictures of men? I certainly can't say that any of them have asked me for my opinions.

I personally enjoy looking at the male form. I donít particularly care what their sexual orientation is. If I find them appealing that is the last thing I worry about. Perhaps because I donít need to indulge heavily in fantasies it isnít an issue. I can drool just as much over a gay man as I can a straight or bisexual one. 

Of course I am only one female. I can only speak for myself. I suspect there are a lot more women out there like me who just arenít outspoken enough to say what they really think and tend to go along with the bullshit that others try to push down our throats.  On the other hand Iím equally sure that there are plenty of women who agree with the stereotype at the beginning of this article. These women scare me. 

Having my own website I must admit to having some bias as to what I post for pictures. I put up what I like. However if someone makes a request and itís not involving any illegal activity I will do my best to find that material for them. I may not like or enjoy it but I donít think that I have to approve of everyoneís taste in smut or pictures. Iím not going to shove my personal choices or opinions down anyoneís throat. That simply isnít my style at all. 

The other thing I do know from my experience in running my website is that there are an awful lot of men out there who do enjoy anal play a great deal and having their nipples played with who would be very seriously offended if anyone thought them to be gay because of those choices.


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