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Kara's Erotica Kara's Erotica For Women is a nice little site that features some articles of interest to men and women both, some very lovely eye candy and some links to other great sites geared for women. Have a look. I think you'll enjoy it!
Allan's Up- Kilt Page Allan's Up-Kilt Page is for all of you ladies who've ever wondered what guys wear under their kilts! I had reviewed this site in a previous format and must say there's been a lot of additions since then. There are tons of pictures of Allan in various outfits and states of undress. I must confess though that I find the ones of Allan in his kilt to be my favorites. <g> It's also nice to see a little more of Lola in this rendition of the site. There's quite the collection of pictures of other men here and a few erotic stories. Definitely worth a visit. 
Ubermole Ubermole is definitely not a run of the mill type of site. It's very unique and humorous. I had a lot of fun sifting through the contents there. Behind each Ubermole is a real person. If you ask questions nicely each of them will give you their answer. You'll get five female perspectives and one male one. It's really hard to categorize or explain this site. It's just one of those ones you'll have to go and check out for yourself! So, get going already! 
Clean Sheets This is a really great webzine. I spent far more time here than I should have, especially when I have so much to do. There's some great articles that are rather thought provoking and others which are quite humorous. You will also find some photo gallery's featuring work of some fantastic erotic art.   This is definitely a site well worth your time to visit and enjoy.
Couples In Lust Couples in lust is a site geared towards women and couples. This site is an AVS site and will require you to purchase a membership. If you take the tour you will find some nice pictures and a story as enticement. I got to check out the membership section. Woohoo!

In the members section there are lots of galleries of pictures to look, some of single men, some of couples, amateurs and a whole lot more. There are lots of erotic stories to read your way through as well as some that you can listen to. You will also find some games and puzzles, shopping, chat and live video feeds. Check it out and have some fun. 
Male Sluts This is a thumbnail post gallery for women! Woohoo! What you will find here is links to galleries of all kinds of guys in various states of undress. Right now there's about 11 galleries of guys showing you their stuff. Have a look I think you'll enjoy it. 
Couples Sex Couples Sex is a site that is definitely couple friendly and has some great pictures of women, men and couples for you to browse through. The tour will give you a good idea of what's available on the site. I had the honor of checking out the members section. There are definitely lots pictures to browse through. In addition to the multitude of galleries you will also find columns on a variety of topics, erotic fiction, Reelporn ezine and a whole lot more. If you just want to test the waters Couples Sex has a free trial option that you can use to explore the site. Regular monthly fees are $19.95 USD
George of the Jungle This is George like you've never seen him before. Follow along with the photos as he goes about his daily tasks. It really makes a girl wish that she was Jane. There are 40 thumbnailed pics that are linked to the larger pics and a few links to some other quality sites. This is definitely a fun and simple site. Enjoy!
Scream My Name Scream My Name is a site that has some how to information, links to other sex sites, humor and best of all sex tests. There is a lot of sex information available at this site. Definitely worth the time to check it out.
Knotty Moon's Spanking Haven for Women Ok, now that we have that mouthful of a title out of the way lets explore and see what Knotty Moon has to offer. This site is dedicated to spanking for women and is chock full of resources for spanking books and videos geared for women who enjoy spanking. You will also find information on other spanking sites of interest to women as well as some excellent choices of toys for spanking which are also available for purchase through an online store. There is now even a forum for sharing your spanking stories with others. I enjoyed the site.
Girlz Nite Out At this time the review is based strictly on the preview section of the site. You get 9 pics of hunky men plus a pic of the day to check out. The site offers erotic games, stories, pictures of men and women and shopping. A monthly membership will cost you $19.95.

Ok, so now I get to let you know about the members section. There's definitely a lot of hunks to check out. There are three that have their own galleries at this point and then a section of new studs that covers a few pages of thumbnails. I didn't count the pictures but there's lots to look at. You will also find some hardcore girl/guy pics too. There's a bunch of erotic stories for your reading pleasure. If you like to watch live action then there's a section for that as well. If shopping is your thing then Girlz Nite Out has that covered as well. The puzzles were kind of fun to do, although it would have been better if they had been pics of hunky guys. ;-)
Eros... Male Nude Gallery This is a very artistic site with some very nice pictures of men in very artistic poses. Loads a little slow but if you are into artistic photos this place is definitely for you!
Muscle Web Wow. This site is definitely for you if you like to look at very hot bodybuilders. No naked ones but they equally as good with clothes on. Have a look and enjoy.
Men N Music I really liked the concept here of picking great pieces of music to play (real player may be required) while you are looking at great pics of men.
She Shoots Men This is a another site for the women. Some very nice B&W pics of men. The owner of this site is a professional photographer and does very nice work. Hey, someone's gotta do it. <grin>
Sensual Woman Cute site with some nice pics. Don't look for quantity here. It's almost like foreplay a little bit of a tease <grin> The site offers other things like a discussion forum and some erotica. Give it a look, you may like it. :)
Erotic Stories Erotic Stories is a great site with a good deal to choose from. Lots of stuff to spark your imagination. :)
Real Women don't do Housework A real fun site for women who want to learn to control     their marriages. This isn't a BDSM site but it does have some overtones. It is well worth the read. Great link page to some valuable BDSM info.
Guys For Girls Ladies, you need to check this site out. Guys for girls has some great pics of men in a whole ton of categories. It is a pay site but the free section has approximately 40 pics for your viewing pleasure. The price to join is reasonable at $14.95 per month. Definitely a must see.
Lip Service This is a wonderful site to explore a book written by M.J. Rose. I read the prologue chapter and it's drawn me in already. I want to read the rest of the book. I think that the women especially will enjoy this book and some of the men may as well. It's definitely worth checking it out. If you are interested you can purchase either a paperback copy or download a copy to read on your own machine. I think this book will become required reading for women everywhere.
Lady Lynx


Ladies, this one is for you. This is a great links site if you want pics of men or just sites that appeal more to women. There is a good selection of links to be found, they are categorized to make it easier to find what you're looking for. You will also find a brief description of the site as well. It will definitely help you find what you're looking for easily.
Sh Erotica


This is a site with a whole lot of information ranging from erotic foods to a forum on surviving divorce. You will also find tarot cards information and a variety of other things. Check it out. 


This is a cute little site with all kinds of tidbits of information. There are preview pictures for 4 hunky guys - although if you want to see more you have to pay a nominal membership fee. The men are pretty cute though.
Womenz Erotica This is a nice site geared for women only. There is a great mix of stuff to look through here, including a fantasy message board where you can share your fantasies with other women. You will find a couple of galleries of straight studs. Mr Natural who happens to be the web mistress's partner is open to suggestions for poses. So if there's something specific you'd like to see let them know. There are some great recommendations for videos and erotica by women. You should definitely check this site out!
Virginia Gals This is a site for women who are looking for alternatives. There are some erotic art and stories to browse through. You will also find access to streaming videos and chat. There are women's dicussion groups as well. Overall, a nice comfy environment.
Women's Fantasies This is a decent little site. Just watch where you click as there is a plethora of banners. There are 19 pictures in total of J.C. who by the way is a real cutie. I'd definitely have a look at him. ;-)
Venetian Blue This is a best selling Black Lace Erotica writer site. Contains some excerpts from her books plus some short stories. Good fantasy fuel.
Les Hunks Just for you ladies. Les Hunks features men. Woohoo! At Les Hunks you will find a plethora of hunky men to ogle to your hearts delight. There's a ton of categories to choose from, although my favorite is the real men. These are men who've chosen to send their pics in to be featured on the site. Let me tell you, these are some really hot men. There was also a small selection of erotic fiction to stimulate your mind. There's a links section as well, although I was unable to check it out when I visited.

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