Dragoncastle's Gay Asia This is a wonderful guide to Gay life in Asia. Offering you a way to plan your travel in this part of the world as well as a couple of galleries to look at as well.....some very valuable information to be found here!!
Black Man Lover For all you lovers of hot looking black men. 50+ pics of some very very hot black men, doing all kinds of wonderful things. <grin>
Working Men Working men indeed! Some very hot men in their working clothes or rather out of their working clothes. <grin> Advertising content is low and the site is very easy to navigate. About 50+ pics in all. ummmm stimulating
Adam & Steve's Gay Garden This is a great gay site with some excellent hardcore pics for your viewing pleasure. The site was easy to navigate with minimal advertising. Lots of thumbnailed pics for you to choose from. You can definitely spend some time here checking them out.
All Ways Gay There are about 20 or so pics but they are interspersed with a lot of advertising. Watch for the occasional pop-up screen. The pics are good, some hot male on male action but I had a hard time finding the link to the second page buried in the advertising.
Best Gay Stories Nice clean site, featuring 10 erotic Gay stories, plus a link to a daily Gay erotic story. Very little advertising appears on this site. The selection of links appears fairly extensive. The only drawback to the site is that they don't happen to mention how often they update the stories, if they do at all.
Beefy Boys This site has approximately 25 pics, all are clickable thumbnails. The pics are interspersed throughout the advertising on the site in sets of three. If you don't mind all the banners this site isn't a bad bet. They also have some links to other sites.

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