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Large quality screened adult fiction archive contains text, illustrated & audio sex stories plus porn comics & more. Stories are list in categories and also give an abbreviated description of what you can expect to find in them.
Free Sex Story Free Sex Story offers a new story every month and has several already posted for your reading pleasure. There is also a sexy chat to talk with other writers. You can also find tips on writing your own erotic stories so check it out!
Custom Erotica Source This is an awesome find! You can get your own personalized stories written by professionals and have it delivered to you in a mini book format. It's a great gift idea for that special person in your life. You get to pick the level of sexual language used in the story. You also provide some basic details that will be included in the story. I'm going to be ordered a Quickie story myself so I'll post it up once I get it and let you all have a look at it. 
The Temple of the screaming Electron & Totse Be prepared to spend time here, either reading their vast library of       stories or searching thru their conspiracy section. It is a blast here, I thoroughly enjoyed this site.
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This is a pay site. Every once in a while I find one that I feel is definitely worth paying money for. This would be one of them. It's really cheap to check them out too. It will cost you $1.29 for a 3 day trial period. More than enough time to discover whether you like it or not. They have a fantastic collection of erotic fiction, with selections is every category imaginable. And if they don't have what you want they're more than willing to go out and find it for you. Sex Stories also has live audio stories. They even have an auto-scroll function you can use so you don't need to keep one hand on the keyboard while you read. There's also a chat room so you can connect with others who enjoy erotic fiction as well. Check it out today, it's well worth your money!
Pixie's Place At Pixie's Place you will find a great collection of erotic fiction broken down by subject sections. Among the other things you will find here are some free pictures, shopping, jokes and a whole lot more to browse through. It's definitely worth having a look at. 
ibblazin's Erotic Stories Archive


This site contains a collection of original stories that have been inspired by visitors or actual situations the author has been in. You get to rate the stories if you are so inclined. The stories are listed with a brief trailer and lets you know what type of story it is. ie; fetish, exhibitionism, etc. The stories are well written and definitely spark the imagination as well. 
Top XXX Cliches I got such a kick out of this site and quite a few chuckles as well. This site is basically a list of all the cliches we find in the stories we read. They are all very funny. Have a look and a good laugh.
The Velvet Playground Another really fun site as well. Lots and lots of stories in as many different categories. You'll find some nice pics here as well, not a lot, but a few. The advertising is very minimal on this site. All in all it's well worth the visit.
Venus or Vixen I had a blast here. Some great stories and advice. I like the serials, they were great little sex stories and I liked the way they were presented. This site is free and has very little advertising. Be here and have fun.
BareMistress' Erotic Thoughts You will find erotic stories, pictures of the day in several categories, games and puzzles. Enjoy!
Nifty Erotic Stories Yes I like to read, who doesn't? This is a great site with a Gay flavor. Some very good stories here : )
Stories by Quillis This site is definately for all those who love to read. Lots and lots of stories strictly with a spanking theme. Be prepared to spend the better part of an evening here. 
StoryList If you are looking for good quality erotic stories, then this site is a must see. StoryList is offering links to quality sites that actually have erotic stories on them. This site is definitely worth having a look at.
Madeline's Yes Room The primary focus of this site is erotic fiction. The stories are sorted by date, have a brief description as well as a rating on them. There seem to be quite a few stories for you to browse through. The story section is free. For a modest fee of 5.00/yr you can join Madeline's Friends section and get in on the chat room and pen pals. It's a nice little site. Have a look for yourself. 
Thee Hen House This is an erotic fiction site. Original fiction at that. There are approximately 48 stories in a variety of categories. It's definitely worth having a look at, some of the stories are pretty hot too!
Erotic Sex Stories Erotic Sex Stories features an amateur pic of the day and story of the day. In addition there are 10 other hot sexy stories for your reading pleasure. Also featured are some amateur pics. Check it out.
Story Lust Story Lust features some stories from Sandra and her friends. Very nice little site. There is one popup console but it's fairly unobtrusive in my opinion. The stories are well written and get things heated up quite nicely. Sandra also has a selection of links to other story sites that are worth having a look at.
XXX Storyboard If you're interested in erotic fiction then check this site out. There are tons of stories all categorized so you can easily find what you're looking for. If you wish to, there is a section where you can submit a little story on something that's happened to you. There is also an interactive story in progress that you can add to if you like. Sounds like fun! And to take care of your picture fix, there are 10 weekly pics to check out. If you like to talk, there is a chat available as well. The site is pretty straight forward. I found one console, but it wasn't too aggravating. All in all a nice site.
Transsexual Sex Stories This site has a great story that's split up into four parts. It's a great story. If you're going to read it make sure you're comfy and aren't going to have any interuptions for a while. You won't want anything to break your concentration as you read. There are some links to other sites, but it's basically a plain and simple site.
Group Sex Stories This site features group sex stories. You get to choose whether you want stories with two men and a woman, or two women and a man. Great choices. This is a newer site. At the time of the review there were only 10 stories available, but they were pretty great. Easy to read format. Well worth your time.
The Story Site The Story Site had, you guessed it, stories. There are six different categories to choose from. Each category contains several stories. I didn't count them all but there was lots to choose from. The stories are definitely hot and worth the time to read. Check them out.

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