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About Linda most asked questions: I am 21 yrs old 5"6 height 125 lbs, D cup
little large for Chinese girl. I came to Vancouver B.C. Canada to study
English 3 years ago. I am in school 4 times a week, live by myself in a
large 1700 sq ft 3 bedroom condo on the 18 floor downtown over looking the
harbor. My parents bought it as a vacation condo, they stay here only 1 to 2 weeks a year. I drive a 1999 BMW 328 ci convertible and get $3000 spending money each month. I guess you can say I am spoiled daughter. 

My boyfriend now lives with me and do not mind me putting my experience on Koi's website and returning e/mail from people who enjoy reading about my experience. 

When ever I am in school I usually dress very classy with up to the knee skirts and knee high boots. Fridays and the weekends  in the colder months I wear 5 inch knee high boots with short jacket up to my waist over a minidress or miniskirt. Yes all my dresses  stop at the butt line a few will show some
butt cheeks.

Late spring to early fall when not in school or after school you can say that 90% of the time I will be in micro mini dress and platform heels. How often do I wear panties? About 10 times a year going to  kids birthday parties, family dinners.

I am straight enjoy having sex with boyfriend only no group sex or others, skiing, swimming, clubbing, watching movies, jogging , tennis. I don't have a job, don't smoke don't drink, no drugs. 

Jerry is my 3rd boyfriend, I hope is the last. I guess my fetishes is I love showing off my body in micro short sexy mini dress and high platform heels.  Next best thing is writing about it-and having you read about my experience.

Any girls out there with similar experience like me ? I like to hear from
your experience. Linda  my middle name , Jerry my boyfriend  middle name.

Hi my name is Linda, I came to  Vancouver B.C. Canada  from Hong Kong 3yrs ago to study English. My English is still so so, I have four more months in Vancouver before I have to go back to H.K. 

One day I was on the computer looking for the word Exhibitionism to see what it means, then I landed on Lily Hensen ( Basic Exhibitionism) . I then decided to explore her ideas myself. It almost summer when I discover her website. Summer is near so I went out to buy many mini dresses and mini halter dresses from the net and some at the stores. 

12 dresses in total, 3 pairs of high heels in white 6" to 7". All the dresses were micro short. So short on some you can see my bum or you call fanny in North America. Two of the micro dresses have split sides with 4 round metal rings attaching the splits sides together. Some I had to take to alteration to get it shortened; that was the exciting part. Some of the dress came by mail 5 of them, I took each one of them to different alteration shops to get shorten. Some of the alteration shops said who is going to wear a dress this short that is so daring, I said me. That sent me a spine shivering tingle inside. 

I am 20yrs old 5"6 height, 125 lbs, D cup little big for a Chinese girl. The first 3 times I got dressed in my mini dress in the mall washroom with panties of course, lots of make up, mini purse & 6" heels. 

The problem was I was so nervous, excited, shaking, I spend no more than 10 minutes walking from washroom to car up the escalators. 

The 4th time out advise from Lily Hensen (no panties ) I got dressed at home  in one of the micro mini dress, drove to 5 different places to pick up my finished, altered, ultra short mini dress & halter dress. 

As I drove to the first shop to pick up my dress my heart was pounding mad, excited also feeling helpless, yet enjoying it. I was the 2nd in line, to pick up my dress. I can see the cashier staring at me as I got out of my BMW. He even dropped the change on the floor for the first customer who is also a male picking up his dry clean. 

He said I look very sexy & cute. When he passed me the dress it was the pink one with split sides - 4 metal round rings on each sides. I went to the fitting room to put it on. I came out with that dress I can see the cashier shaking his head and turning red and he said wow you are daring. With the split sides all the way up he can see I was not wearing panties. My shaved pussy was so wet and my heart pounding as I was leaving the place. It took a total of 5 minutes. 

Now the 5th time I went longer; 30 minutes in a busy mall in Richmond .This time in a halter mini dress that was a  baby blue color. I feel more confident this time , I can see from the reflection store mirror that my fanny is expose that any one behind me can see my pussy if I go up the escalator. As I got out of Sears into the mall I can see 5 men walking behind me pretending they were shopping. I can see almost every one is looking at me .I always walk criss cross when I am in my 6" to 7 inch Heels not very fast. 

As I was going up the escalator I got about 8 people behind me, I know they can see my pussy, I felt so excited and helpless and wet. At the top of the escalator I ran into my X boy friend, He looked shocked to see me like this. I felt so low down. He said what are you doing and followed me to my car.  I never felt this low in my life. 

As we started talking again he told me he like to see me dress like this. I was so shocked when he said that. He told me that most guys love to see women dress like this, he said he did not believe I was this type of person to dress like this. He said it got him very excited and horny. I told him I started do this last 2 weeks ago. He said I should start going to the mall not 10 to 30 minutes but at least 4to 5 hours out. He got me very excited again, he said the next time I go out he would like to follow behind me. 

It was Sat June 23,2001  sunny, hot 32 c. THE DAY I WILL NEVER FORGET. I spent over 5 hours in public inside and outside malls. I got dressed in my most dangerous dress, another baby pink dress with very low cut at back, split both sides with 3 one inch round rings on each side holding the split together. Always no panties and my fanny was showing a bit as I walk. Painted my toes & finger nails hot pink, smelly cherry lip gloss, lots of make up , my white 7" heels , a small purse. It took me over two hours just to get ready for my X to pick me up at 12:30pm . I had no lunch just a cup of milk, I felt so excited, nervous, shaking from inside me in my spine. 

 It was all planed he will pick me up and drop me off at Robson St., a very busy and trendy shopping street. That way I will not go back to my car because I do not know where it is parked. He said he would hook back up with me by cell phone after I am 3 hours by myself at the mall.   

I got out of the car at 1pm I can see all the eyes were looking at me walking across the intersection. I can see that some of the girls my age were covering their mouth in shock seeing my micro mini dress, split sides with rings no panties or thong strings showing at the sides. 

I walk for one full block, little criss crossing my legs with my fanny showing quite a bit because I do not want people to see me pull my dress down. As I was walking down I can feel that I am being followed by at least 5 guys. My shaved pussy was so wet; juices were running down on my right leg, I came!! My back was sore, my heart was pounding, my legs were weak. I quickly went to Starbuck’s wash room to take an 8 minute break and wipe the juices off.  

In the washroom I say to myself, Linda you should act like you are not in a mini dress but a long dress. As I walk out of Starbucks I can still see 3 of the guys that were following me. I then walk 3 buildings to London Drugs; the streets were packed with people. I saw another girl in a micro mini dress it was also short up to her fanny. I spent 30 minutes in London drugs looking at make up and buying little things.  

I can see at least 5 guys walking by me several times. I guess they are feeling very excited to see how daring I dress and see how confident I look pretending to be normal. Inside me my heart was pounding and my pussy was a little damp. 

I then started to walk to Eaton’s 2 blocks a way. As I was walk I can hear people whistling, anyone following behind me can see my fanny. I heard one guy beside me say to his friend  “Wow this chick has no panties on. Look at the sides not even a thong line.” When I heard that I came a little as I was walking. It took almost 2 hours for me to walk 2 blocks.  

When I get too excited I walk into fashion stores to cool down pretending to be shopping. As I approach Eaton’s escalators one woman came up to me and said I look very confident & daring with no panties and yet act so normal. She also said she always have the fantasy to dress like me but she gets cold feet. I said try it you only live once.  

As I approach the escalator I look back to see the escalator it was packed, 3 of the same guys were right behind me. All 3 were 3 to 4 steps behind me as I was going up. The first 2 levels going up I Know they have a full view of my ass and my damp pussy .On the 3rd level going up I had to cross my legs because it was shaking and I do not want them to see I am shaking. The 4th level I heard someone behind whistling at me then I came with my legs standing crossed. From the 4th to the 5 level going up I came twice, the juices were trickling down to my knees on my right. I quickly strutted to the bathroom to wipe down. 

I never have this kind of experience before. I love this kind of life but I will be back in Hong Kong by November. I can never do this in Hong Kong. In Vancouver I only have a few friends so it’s ok. 

My cell rang it was my X, he asked how I was feeling, I said I came 5 times in 3 hours. He said wow and wonder if other guys who saw me will go home and masturbate thinking about me.  

We met at the food court in the lower mall, he stayed about 30 to 40 ft behind me for about 45 minutes watching guys and girls expression on their faces as I walk 5 long blocks back to my car, which he parked.  

He said as I was walking back to the car he can see guys behind me pointing at me, bending to look up at my dress already my fanny was showing at least 1 inch, people looking giving a thumbs up to each other, some look back as I pass them, I got about 9 whistles, Guys yelling Yah baby. 

As I approached my car it was parked on the corner of Starbucks. It was one of the busiest intersections with over 30 people sitting outside Starbucks for coffee and at least 60 to 70 people in the intersection area. I can feel at least 30 eyes were staring at me as I walk across the intersection. Approaching approx 30 ft to my car my legs were so weak, shiver up my spine ,my body burning hot ,excited, feeling helpless.  

OOOPSS I dropped my keys, as I was bending down to pick it up my X said, everyone saw my all my ass and my pussy at the coffee shop when he was behind me. I can hear guys yelling Yahhh, lots of whistling. My face turned all red, I came, as I was putting my shopping goods in the trunk. The juices flowed all the way to my right 7" heels as I stepped into my car.   

The juices were so watery because I come many times in the last few hours. This was my biggest one, my heart has never beat this fast before, my legs were so weak I can barely step on the gas peddle to drive off to pick up my X. I wanted to pick him up down the street because I do not want people to think he is part of this.  

As we were driving home he said he wanted to have sex, he said as he was following me he also got very excited and wanted to pump me. And he thinks the other guys who followed me for hours will go home and masturbate about me.  

When I got to his apartment he tied me up to his bed, I was tied up with my heels on and dress on hands on each side of the bed, legs tied spread on each side of the bed. He got undressed and started to fondle my hard nipples with a feather up and down and also fondle my pussy.  

My body was burning hot, then he turned on the ceiling fan above me . I was yelling F me baby many times and the window of the apartment was wide open. He then gave me a really (salty feeling) hickey on my neck, it was a big red one. I begged him many times to  F me he finally did after 20 minutes of teasing me . I was yelling my head off and he came very fast only 5 minutes. I can feel the cum oozing out . I did not cum. 

I guess he felt disappointed. He then pull out a big vibrator it was a pink 8 " long. He started sucking my nipples at the same time fondling my pussy with the vibrator As you can see I was screaming with joy wanting him to put the vibrator all the way in. The vibrator was in me for at least one hour and my nipples very sore from him biting on it. He said I was screaming, moaning for over an hour. I must of come at least 20 times that day. 

It was the day I will never forget. I slept for 8hours tied up. I was sore, tired , stayed home for 2 days. It was Tuesday my package just arrived from the US. It was 2 mini dresses with split sides one lime color, one baby blue and a pair of 7" heels with 2" platform, white. You can buy it at www.howcool.com then click to club wear, to Tony Wear, then stroll down you will find my new sexy (Lycra slit mini dress  style # TS 1006). For my sexy heels click to Center Fold Shoes logo, stroll down the shoes ( style # CFW-12) I find it very sexy. My heart is pounding, thinking where I will wear it.  

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