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This tutorial takes things to the next level. Many women, myself included like to have their breasts used and abused. The more it happens the wetter we get!

Welcome to Breast Play. This tutorial picks up where Breast Worship left off. My previous tutorial on breast worship is worth having a peek at before you get too involved here. In this tutorial I will detail some of the different ways you can "play" with your partner's breasts. Keep in mind that these are my personal opinions and observations. Things that have worked well for me may not be quite so great for you and your partner. Please feel free to experiment, but always pay attention to your partner's reactions. There is nothing worse than having your partner continue on with something that you are really not enjoying. Also, please use your common sense and do not do anything to endanger or cause damage to your partner.

If you and your partner have made your way through the Breast Worship tutorial and thoroughly enjoyed yourselves but want to move on to something a little more advanced, then have I got some great things for you to check out and try. I have so much fun with this stuff I hardly know where to start. <grin>

Please keep in mind that I am a sensation junky (my partner says this is a major understatement) and your partner may or may not enjoy some of these forms of play.

A really cool place to start is with ice. Ice can do wonderful things for the breast, especially in providing a great contrast between heat and cold. Take an ice cube and rub your hand over it. This insures that there will be no sharp edges that could hurt your partner, as well as makes sure the ice cube will not stick when you apply it to your partnerís skin causing damage. Once you've done that, pick a spot and start to running the ice cube over your partner's breasts. Chances are that the nipples will become quite perky at this point. Move the ice cube over the nipples, around the fleshy parts of the breasts and anywhere else you'd like to move it. Try applying the ice cube directly to the nipple for a short period of time. When your partner says "that's enough" remove the ice cube and then suck the nipple into your mouth to warm it up. The heat of your mouth will provide a nice contrast to the cold of the ice cube. It's bound to get a reaction from your partner. You can repeat this performance as many times as you like or as your partner will tolerate. Do not hold the ice on one spot for too long as it can cause damage to the skin tissue.

If the above contrast worked out well for you, then consider upping the heat factor by using wax. You need to use just plain paraffin wax. For your initial attempts stay away from scented candles and never use the beeswax candles since they burn much hotter than paraffin wax and have more potential for skin damage. Test the wax on the inside of your arm first. Hold the candle up above your arm and tip the candle so that the wax drips off onto your arm. The height at which you hold the candle will determine how hot the wax will be when it makes contact with your skin. The higher up you hold it the less heat there will be. Conversely, the closer you hold it to the skin the hotter the wax will be. I suggest that you start off dropping the wax from a higher spot and gradually work your way down based upon what your partner can tolerate and what she enjoys. To soothe the heat from the wax, apply the ice directly after it. Use your imagination, try different combinations of wax and ice and see what happens.

Another favorite of mine would be the good old nipple clamps. The sensations that you will receive from nipple clamps will vary greatly depending on the type of clamps you choose. You can buy nipple clamps that will only produce light pressure on the nipples all the way up to clamps that will produce a very intense pressure. My recommendation is to start with something light and work your way up. A good way to test how intensity of the clamps would be to apply them to the webbing of skin between your thumb and your forefinger. Once you have applied the clamps and your partner is comfortable, try tugging gently on the clamps, making them pull on the nipples. I find that I get really hot when having intercourse if I am wearing the clamps and my partner tugs on them. Again, this is something that you and your partner should experiment with and see what you like best. I would like to suggest that in your initial attempts that you do not leave the clamps on for extended periods of time. Start with a short time frame working your way gradually to longer time frames.

Next on my play list is creativity with clothespins. You can use plain ordinary clothespins for this activity and they are really, really cheap. They come in different varieties so you can experiment with different types. There are wooden ones and plastic ones, which are great for starting off. If you want to get into the advanced art of clothespin play you can try tiny little metal clips or alligator clips. Just make sure that you test them on yourself first, you donít want to damage your partnerís breasts. In your initial attempts just start with one or two clothespins per breast. This will allow you to see how your partner reacts.

First of all gently grab a bit of skin on the breast and apply the clothespin. Initially it's going to hurt a bit. Allow your partner time to adjust to the sensation before applying any subsequent clothespins. Do one breast and then the other. If this is the first time for your partner don't leave the clothespins on for more than a maximum of five minutes, less is probably better during initial attempts.

What the clothespin does is stop the flow of blood to the section of skin it's holding. After a couple of minutes have passed you may start to remove the clothespins. The removal will create a very intense feeling as the blood rushes back into the pinched section of skin on the breast. If you want to be really nasty, try removing more than one clothespin at a time.

Your partner may be saying "ow, ow, it hurts, it hurts". I do this all the time, but boy does it ever make me wet, so you might want to check her pussy to see how the juices are flowing. This may not be the same for everyone. Some women will hate it and some women will love it. There will also be ones like me who say it hurts too much but whose bodies tell a very different story.

From here you can experiment with the number of clothespins you use, types of clothespins. You can even make a design on your partnerís breast. Let your imagination run wild. A blindfold is a nice addition sometimes. She wonít be able to see you and wonít know when youíre about to take them off. The element of surprise is a nice little trick.

Another favoriteÖ. Ok, so they are all my favorites, what can I say? Anyway, rope is a great accessory when it comes to playing with breasts. There are many different approaches you can use. One method is to wrap the rope around the breast binding them to the chest more or less flattening them. Well, at least as much as is possible depending on the breast size. An alternative method is to wrap each breast individually giving them the appearance of cone shaped breasts, very firm ones at that. When you take off the ropes, the blood flow the area will resume and can cause a rather intense reaction. The other thing I find that is really great is that the breasts are incredibly sensitive to touch after a session like this. Even during a breast session like this the exposed part of the breast is particularly sensitive. After the breasts have been bound with rope you need to keep an eye on them for color and warmth. You do not want to cause any permanent damage by cutting off the blood flow.

Thatís it for my little tips and tricks for this session. Where to go from here? Use your imagination and see where it takes you. Stay tuned for future articles I will be doing on a variety of subjects.

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