Exotic Pleasures 11 Massage Kit

Price: $48.00
Sexy to the power of 3. This Massage kit includes: 7" length Multi-Speed Vibe with Jellie Ribbed Sleeve Great for precise points, G Spot Stimulation Or Clitorial Stimulation, Fingertip Massager, 6 oz Exotic Pleasures Passion Fruit Massage Gel. Everything to Make the Night one to Remember.


Review: Yay! I finally got an opportunity to play with this awesome kit. The vibrator rocks. It has a variable speed control so you can go from light and fluffy to some serious, out of this world vibrations. It feels great inside your pussy and is nice and nice and soft and squishy on your clit.

If you enjoy having a good massage the fingertip massager works pretty well. When you combine it with the Passion Fruit massage gel it gets even better. Slip sliding away!

A great combo effect can be had if you get up on your hands and knees and have your partner massaging your back, butt, legs or whatever else they can reach while you use the vibrator on your clit and inside your pussy. Great stimulations all around!

The only thing I didn't like is the smell of the jellie sleeve. It smells like rubber! I know, what am I doing sniffing it? LOL Depends where you're using the vibrator. If, say you're using it on you nipples, you're going to be able to smell it. You'd think with all the technology we have we could produce toys that don't smell like rubber. Just food for thought.

Awesome toy though. Check it out!

Can you guess which orgasm was my favourite?




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