Slightest Touchģ 

Wow, where to begin. Iíve always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to all the sexual aids that are available on the internet and how theyíre going to enhance your sex life, yada, yada, yada. So imagine my complete amazement to find something that does in fact actually work.  

How did I end up with this lovely little device? Well, I had the owner of the website drop me an email and ask if I would be kind enough to review his site for inclusion in my links section. In this email he also indicated that if I was interested in trying out an evaluation unit to let him know. I decided to go for it. Iíve wanted to start doing reviews on sex toys and things of that nature in any case.  

The Slightest Touchģ unit arrived within the week. Unfortunately, my life being what it is and with a complete lack of privacy I didnít get around to testing this baby out until today. I really wish Iíd tried it sooner! Then again, if I had I might not have come out of my room at all for the duration of my holidays from work.  

Initially I used the round pads and had hubby apply them to the appropriate spots on my ankles (heís a bit of a pro when it comes to electrical type play). I then followed the directions and turned the unit on until I felt some sensation and then turned it down until I felt nothing. It was just a matter of waiting to see what was or wasnít going to happen.  

Iíd say I probably waited about 15 minutes. I felt a sense of fullness and the odd twitch here and there. At this point I decided to masturbate to see how intense the orgasm was compared to normal. The initial orgasm was a little more intense than usual, but nothing earth shattering. The subsequent orgasm was about the same intensity.  

At this point I was definitely thinking that the unit has potential. I turned it off and called hubby back in the room to explain my results so far to him. I decided that I wanted to try using the rectangular squares applied in the small of my back.  

We got everything all hooked up and the intensity adjusted and it was back to the waiting game. I found for me personally having the pads on the small of my back was a much better position for them. I felt the fullness in my pelvic area again and a little big of an urge to pee (this makes me hopeful that I can possibly achieve the ejaculation thing at some point).  

Hubby was asking if I was ready. I had already mentioned to him that I would like him to fuck me doggie style while I masturbated. I was definitely ready and the rest is history as they say. While hubby was thrusting in and out, I was masturbating my clit and had the most intense orgasm Iíve had in a very long time. It was really awesome. The second one was very much the same. Itís an incredible feeling to experience.  

Needless to say I enjoyed every bit of it. Iím already plotting how I want to experiment with it next. Iím thinking a little tongue action while I am hooked up to the Slightest Touchģ will really rock my world! Iíll keep you all posted.  

To get more information on the mechanics of how the Slightest Touchģ works and read about other peopleís experiences with it please proceed to the website. I would definitely recommend this unit to couples to try out; it can add a whole new dimension to your sex play.






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